Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Folks, it doesn't get any cuter than this

This is Alex and my niece Mariah with their princess lightsavers (oops, I mean wands). They were playing with them in a sweet girlie way and then all of a sudden we heard the clash of plastic and it looked like a scene from Star Wars with Luke and Darth Vader. Thank you Grandpa Jim for the cute Reindeer Antlers.

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Christmas Toddler Style

We always have Christmas eve with my side of the family in Willard. We have a lot of little ones the same age. Here are a few cuties singing "Twinkle Twinkle " and just oozing adorableness.

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Reindeer Antlers

Cuteness in abundance at our house

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Presents and more presents

She had a ball opening all the presents and as she opened them she would keep them with her while opening the next one. Once she got the backpack she didn't want to take it off. She would put everything in it.

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Presents Galore

Alex playing with her new "computer" and opening presents

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The Next American Idol- Season 250

Mommy got Daddy a new keyboard for Christmas and can I say our girl is loving it. She was singing with her new microphone and playing. She was cracking us up. I think Carrie Underwood better look out.

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The end of a big day

After everyone left, Alex had a bath with her new bath toys, had some milk and cookies and fell asleep on her daddy. What a day!!!
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

First Snowman

Alex and Mommy built her first snowman a few weeks ago when we had a big snow. She loved it -- she kept saying "no Mommy no" . I thought she was actually saying no so I kept saying yes Alex yes but she was really saying snow. It takes me awhile sometimes but I eventually catch on. Just look at that face below so full of intent and concentration trying to get that snow in just the right spot. We had so much fun.

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Maybe next year Santa.

We took Alex to her yearly Santa visit. She had been saying she would sit on his lap when you asked her. But............ as you can see it wasn't happening. Oh well. Santa was a good sport.

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Chef Alex

Aunt Suzy came last weekend and brought Alex this new kitchen. She loves it and calls it her house. As you can see she has her Burger King Princess hat on and her Chef hat on. She makes food for everyone and it is delicious.

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Wildlights at the Zoo

We took Alex to the zoo the other night. She loved all the lights. She loved the baby elephant, Bodie. We waved to Santa but didn't sit on his lap. Maybe next year.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Congratulations to Faye's brother Scott and Tracey

Our newest niece Addison arrived just over week ago. They have started a blog and the link is located over to the right for anyone that is interested. Congratulations again Scott and Tracey she is beautiful.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You know when there is no good news, there is no good news

Here I am sitting here at 4 in the morning (can't sleep) catching up on some blog reading over @ Rumor Queen (RQ)(see link on side bar). There just isn't any good news over there, I mean congratulations to all those who have recently received referrals. But for those of us just recently logging in, it's pretty bleak. I (the positive one) who always hopes to see a speed up in referrals was just ran over by all the negative folk, people doing their math and letting us know that at current rates it will take us about 4 years from now to receive our referrals. I guess I didn't realize the amount of people that put their dossiers in April 2007 (something like 7000 referrals per RQ). Just so you know that since April 2007 there are about 500 new referrals a month, just to give you the average. So April 2007 was a huge month, due to all the new restrictions put on International adoption.
Well now that just really jams up everyone logging in behind them now doesn't it and it now has me feeling the LOGIN BLUES (I wish I had a song to que right now) I've done a pretty good job up til now staying positive, but I always have a wife that lets me know what is going on over at RQ and I have tried to avoid the rumors up till now.
I have Alex to think about and with the holidays right around the corner I wish she had a sister to share the holidays with. You know I thought I was going to be happy with just one daughter, but at the growing rate of appreciation I have for Alex, I could have 5 just like her. I just sometimes stop and wonder if she is lonely? I mean there is only so much playing we can provide her, so the rest of the time she has to occupy herself. This is when I regret that she is missing the sister that her mom and dad hope for some day soon. I just hope that we can get a child that Alex will be able to grow up with.
You know you hear about siblings with 6 years between them and they say they really weren't that close with their brother or sister because of the age difference. I just hope that isn't Alex.

Well now that I have depressed the rest of you I am going to end my little whine fest. I truly do believe there will be a speed up, I just need people to quit whining and be happy your getting a child. I waited a long time for #1, I guess I will wait a long time for #2.

Pictures are coming soon. Promise.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

photo shoot

Well, in an effort to try to be frugal this holiday season, I was going to try to do my own pictures at home. So I put my adorable daughter in her cute Christmas dress (one of them) and put a sheet up and tried to take some pictures. As you can see and true to form for her, she wouldn't look at the camera, crack a smile. or do anything remotely photogenic. Oh well, so here is the first attempt (maybe I will try one more time). She is cute as a button though even when she is grumpy.

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