Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Asian Festival

Alex, Nana, and Mommy went to the Asian Festival this past weekend. We had alot of fun. We saw alot of people from Chinese New Year.
This is Alex in the play hut. It was really hot and she was kind of grumpy but the pic didn't turn out too bad. No smiles though.
Alex and Nana with the Chinese hat and chopsticks. I think I may get the teaching chopsticks out for Alex. I got them in China. I think she would like them.
Darling girl
Alex and the Pink Parasol (sounds like the name of a childrens book)
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our China Group

We recently got together with our group from China. There were 8 families total and 7 at this get together. We had a great time visiting with everyone and plan to make this at least a yearly event if not twice a year.
This one is of all the dad's with the kids. Play close attention to Brian on the end doing double duty with a smile on his face. (missing-- Matt, Lily, and Jack. Both kids fell asleep from all the excitement and playing. Never wake sleeping kids)

This is all the mom's. Our girls have come so far. What an adventure.
We tried to get one of just the girls-- we'll try again next year. It just wasn't happening this year.
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I brought presents for the kids and did they go crazy. You should have seen their faces. It was so cute. The leis and princess tiaras and beads were a big hit.
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Mutany in the hall

Alex had a ball. They wore her out.

She's looking a little bit like a ring leader to me. (That's my girl)
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Lily, Gracie, and Caroline
Anna, Amy, and Joe

Amy, Lily, and Jack

Caroline, Lily, and Gabe (now that's the way to travel)
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Pool fun

Miss Lily who definitely has a mind of her own. Love the leopard suit.
Gracie sweet Gracie.
Ayla and Aliyah-- how cute are they.
Ayla and Alex-- just hanging out.
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Let Them Eat Cake

Alex, forever the junk food junkie, concentrating hard on getting every morsel in her mouth.

Rebecca feeding the troops. (Gabe, Caroline, Ayla, and Lily)
I loved the lady bugs
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Fun Fun and more Fun

We kind of ----well noooo-- we did overtake the hall outside our rooms. It became the kids play area and a way for us to all hang out together. Our neighbors only complained once. As you can tell, the kids had a ball. Most of our rooms were in this hall so we hung out in a few of the rooms. It was awesome.

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Ring Around the Rosie

Here are our sweet girls playing ring around the rosie with Beth (Harold and Kay's oldest daughter)
That's Alex-- her favorite part is "all fall down". She is usually falling down at the beginning of the song.

Gracie, Rosie, Alex, and Ayla

A big thanks to Harold and Kay for the Jackson Ironmen t-shirts for all the girls. They were adorable.

Beth, Alex and Kay
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pool opening

We "opened " the pool today or should I say we blew it up. Here you go---- the unbearable cuteness continues.

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Thank you Todd

I came home from work after slaving at the hospital for hours to this wonderful dinner.
Beef tenderloin kababs, grilled potatoes, and icy cold Blue Moon beer. It was delicious!!!! What a wonderful hubby. He got all the recipes off the internet, went to the store , prepared it and cooked it. What more could a girl ask for. Better question-- What's in it for him???? Just kidding. Thanks baby. I owe you!!!!
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