Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Red Couch Photo" and Halloween Cuteness

We had a playdate at Alex's friend Mia's house the other day. Michelle is Mia's mommy. We had an awesome time. The absolute cutest 10 little girls played their hearts out, ate pizza, dressed up in their costume, and had a ball. Michelle made the cutest Ni Hao Kai lan pumpkins and little goodie bags for the girls each personalized with their name. Just adorable. Thanks Michelle-- you are awesome. Here are a few pictures of a wonderful day.
Mia and Alex-- toddler hugs
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Halloween Cuteness

Mark spinning the girls round and round. They loved him
Mia the Funniest Clown
Lady Bug Gracyn
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Halloween cuteness

Chloe the Cutest Giraffe
Princess Mia having a laugh
Princess Elizabeth-- what a cutie
Lil' Miss Ainsley-- I love that little piggy
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a funny thing to get in your fortune cookie

I have had this for some time, but kept forgetting to scan it and post it. I think I got it before we got our referral in August or early September.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

China Family Get Together

We try to get together with the families we traveled to China with at least once a year. We all got together in April (our Forever Family month) since all the girls became a part of our families April 9, 2006. I feel it is so important for the girls to know each other and have this connection with one another. I know that we show Alex pictures of her "China Sisters" all the time. In fact, we have a picture of all the families that was taken when we were in China and it is hanging on the refrigerator. She often brings it to me and says " ook Mommy, my China sissers". It is the most endearing thing. She loves them and will talk about them for days after she has a visit with them. It is also wonderful to have friends that have families like you do. I love all of the people we have met. They are like family to me. They aren't just Alex's China sisters-- they are our China family. We have so much fun when we get together.
This weekend we were able to get together 5 of the 7 families that usually come. We went to a local pumpkin patch and had a great visit then 3 of the families stayed in a hotel overnight. The kids had a great time playing and the adults had some lovely cocktails and laughs.
Todd, Ayla, and Alex
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Rebecca and Ani
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It is not an easy feat to get 8 kids to sit and get their picture taken. We would get a few ready and by the time we got more over there then the ones that were ready are already on the move. So here is what we came up with.

Lily, Gracie, and Alex
Lily, Alex and Caroline
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Lily-- always smiling
Ayla-- looks so cute in her pumpkin outfit
these two were funny all day. What do you think they were thinking here. Alex was probably thinking-- my mom and that camera- she drives me nuts
Ayla, Gracie and Lily
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More Pumpkin Patch

Gabe and Caroline-- These 2 cuties are brother and sister
I loved this shot. Head first in to the corn
Just look at these 2 sweet girls. I love toddler hugs.
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Corn Maze

Alex and Gracie-- China sister bonding

Alex and Gabe
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Cute Girls

Caroline was 6 months old when she went to China with us. Just look at her now. Adorable
Lily smiled for me every time I had the camera on her.
Caroline and Ayla- cute cute cute
I love this picture of Gracie. Those eyes are gorgeous
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Pumpkin Patch Fun

Hugs for Ayla and Alex
Some cute Putt Putt action
Ani-- cute cheeks (Lily, Caroline, and Gabe's sister)
Pumpkin Toss--our girls in action
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