Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chinese New Year

Here are a few pictures from Chinese New Year. Alex is in such high motion these days that it is hard to get her to slow down to take a good picture. Her little Rock My Bao Bao class got up on stage and did 2 songs. Now usually during class she doesn't have much of an attention span so when we are doing songs she will do half and then she is wanting to go play with all the toys in the classroom so really I did not have high expectations for her during the performance on stage.
WOW-- did she surprise me. She got up on that stage and put on a performance that rivaled Liza Minelli. She danced and sang and had no stage fright whatsoever. I thought she would be shy and I would have to hold her the whole time. No way!!!
We had a great time and all the little girls looked so cute in their "Chinese Silks". I got Alex's dress when we were in China.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

First Haircut

Alex had her first haircut yesterday. I must say Todd and I had high hopes but low expectations on how she would do for the whole thing. She is really hit or miss with new people and if she gets it in her mind that she does not want to do something she won't do it. And sometimes she is really standoffish with new people and sometimes she just warms right up to them. So we were a little leery. I also had been preparing Alex for a few days beforehand talking it up and telling her they had balloons and suckers if she was a good girl. I had also packed her backpack full of snacks in an effort to bribe her to goodness if necessary (yes I did-- sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do).

But it was all for naught-- she was the perfect little angel. The hairdresser asked her if she wanted to watch Dora and I think that was all it took. She climbed right up in that chair, TALKED to the girl, COOPERATED fully, smiled for pictures, watched the video, let them put the "princess"cape on her and then they cut her hair. Todd and I were like-- who is this little sweetheart. She is usually pretty good but this was amazing. I definitely think it helped that they had all the goodies for kids (it was a kid's hair place). We were in and out of there in 30 minutes. Yea!!!!

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Here she is doing "crab pinchers" to the Dora show that was on. She was so good.

Here is Alex with her new hairdresser Amy. Thank you Amy. You were awesome.
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Friday, February 8, 2008

A girl after my own heart

My daughter loves chocolate. We shared a piece of chocolate cake and she ate with gusto. Her favorite part is the frosting, of course. The picture below she is actually saying "Cheese".
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