Monday, July 28, 2008

Cute stuff

Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (yes we did-- the Tiramusu Cheesecake)

It is Christmas in July. I think she found these at the bottom of the toy box.

We have major construction going on at our house. Here she is flexing a little muscle of the camera while helping Daddy.

Picking wall paper. She is Daddy's assistant!!!
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Daddy time-- at the zoo

Daddy had a day off and took his girl to the zoo. She wanted to ride the train so they did.
they a zoofabulous time.

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Playgound Endeavors

How cute is this picture. All 4 girls looking at the same time. They are adorable. I love it that they all got on there at the same time.

Staci, Molly,Alex, and Gracyn-- 4 little cutie pies

They scale to scary heights (at least Mommy thinks so) and have no fear
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Playing in the Fountains

here is our sweetie playing in the fountains. She seems to like the water but if she gets a big dose to her face she has a fit. But she looks cute in her bikini.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blowing daisies

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Backyard Shenanigans

She cracks me up. She loves that Dora backpack. Well-- any backpack. She can't wait to go to school with her backpack. She plays in her backpack. She carries it around with her. She stuffs it full of toddler junk.

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Our Beautiful Beautiful Girl

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She loves her daddy

I swear-- they are like two little peas in a pod sometimes.

I think this is my new favorite picture
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Ladybug Ladybug

While at the zoo last week, Alex saw some little girl getting her face painted and she immediately said " Mommy me toooo". So we said yes and we were pleasantly surprised when she sat there the whole time and let that girl paint her face. She didn't even have to sit on one of our laps. ( our little girl is growing up). It did turn out cute and matched her dress perfectly.

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Carousel Ride

Alex loves rides. Here she is on the carousel at the zoo.

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We recently bought a new camera (the Nikon D80) and have been experimenting with some things. It is awesome. Here are a few pictures of our girl.

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It has been awhile

We have been off and on line trying to figure out our computer. We got a virus somehow and everytime we think it is fixed something else happens. Hopefully we are back in action.
Here are some pictures of Alex with her cousin Sabrina. They were playing princess dressup and having a ball. Aren't they adorable. Please note that Sabrina has 4 yes 4 new brothers and sisters. Her mommy and daddy just had quads. They are cute and boy that is alot of work. I didn't get a picture of all of them together. I will have to do that another time.

Check out those shoes.

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