Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wedding shower

My friend Steph had her wedding shower on Sunday. I got to catch up with some old friends from high school.

Me, Renee, Alicia, and Steph
Steph's daughter Audrey and Alex-- they are bestest friends. So cute
Two heads are better than one.
I tried my hardest to get them to smile but it was a big negatory.

Alex decided when she found out we were going to a party that she wanted to wear her "pahty dwess". I really didn't want to argue about it and she did look cute so that is what she wore. She was SMASHING.
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Winery Pictures

We went to a winery in Temecula for brunch and I got these really cool pictures. It was rainy and overcast but I like them.

Cate, Brittany, and me
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California vaca

I recently took a little trip to Cali to visit my friends Cate and Brittney. I had a marvelously relaxing time just hanging out.

We had brunch at this winery in Temecula. Yummy!!

Even though it was cold while I was there, we did make it to the beach for a walk. I love the ocean.
I took this picture and it turned out awesome. It was really misty out and the outline of the surfer showed up great in the mist and I like the fact that the surfer isn't in the middle of the picture. I don't know if I really planned it that way but I love the finished product.
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Miscellaneous cuteness

Our cutie filling out her Valentine's Day cards for her friends at school.

These piggies are so cute

She has been wanting to go outside and play so bad. She definitely has spring fever so one day when it was a bit warmer than 20 degrees, daddy took her outside for a scooter ride. She loved it!!!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Just wishing everyone out there lots of love on V-Day. Our little Valentine's cutie had a party at school and had a Fabulous time. There would of been more pictures but the camera went dead. Ooops. A big thanks to Daddy who stepped in and went to the party when Mommy couldn't go.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our little Snow Bunny

So I just found these pictures. Daddy took them and I didn't even realize they were in the file. Aren't they just too cute. I love how the snow is falling and the big smile on my girl's sweet face.
coming from Nana and Poppy's house.
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Happy Chinese New Year

Nana and Alex enjoying the show
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Chinese New Year

This is Mia- she was cracking me up twirling those umbrellas around.

My Cutie Pie
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Chinese New Year

This is Gracyn, Alex, and Mia. They were really quite inseprable at Chinese New Year. They usually play together when our playgroup gets together but this time it was like 3 peas in a pod. They were hugging, and laughing, and holding hands. It was really quite adorable.
My pretty girl with her umbrella.
They all 3 had umbrellas and were twirling and giggling and moving so fast I was barely able to get pictures.
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