Friday, January 1, 2010

Daddy's birthday

Here are my little giggle boxes hamming it up at the restaurant on daddy's birthday. They'll do anything for a laugh.
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Frog and the Pr*ncess

We headed out to see the Frog and the Pr*ncess on opening day. It was their first time with us going to see a movie at the movie theater. They enjoyed their movie treats and loved the movie. I am surprised they haven't begged us to go see it again.

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Nut*cracker Suite

I took the girls along with my MIL to see the Nut*cracker Suite this holiday season. It was done by a local ballet school. I think they liked it but they both got a little restless. Here is my brave little Abby posing with some of the characters. She just goes for it. Alex was hiding behind me too afraid to get her picture taken. Then poor Abby was just tuckered and fell asleep on her coat.

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